Friday, July 22, 2005

How to respond to God

Jeff Tan of One Bread, One Body shares insights about responding to the many aspects of God's call:
God calls and man responds. The story of Samuel, Eli's helper, is a good for this. God calls us by name and, as Eli advises, we should quickly reply "Here I am, Lord!" This dovetails with everything we know about the relationship between God and Man: God calls, we listen and move towards God. God invites, we accept and we move closer to God. It is always God who initiates. It is to our advantage to respond openly, with humility and sincerity, and the end is always to become one with God. That is prayer: a relationship with God that starts with God, proceeds with our acceptance, and ends with God.
Yes, God initiates the contact and should be always at the center of our prayer. But how do we move beyond me-centered prayer? "Shema! Listen!" Jeff says. Find God in the Scriptures, devotional writings, and most fully in the Lord's Supper.


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