Friday, August 12, 2005

Preaching and the cross

Coffee swirls considers the value of expository preaching and the cross:
“The Old Rugged Cross” is a favorite hymn where I come from. I imagine it is still sung in many churches today. I can’t help but wonder why it is, then, that so many churches see that rugged, ugly device and take a belt sander to it. Why smooth out edges made rough by Christ? I can appreciate the concept of removing the sting from the sermon, but there are some stings that God placed into the cross for a reason. Is it offensive? Heck yeah! But the cross is offensive so that we can guide others into the same saving faith we have without offending them on our own.

We need to preach the unvarnished gospel message to all, whether they be visitors in our service or regular attenders. There is no group in all the world that cannot profit by hearing the gospel as it is described in the Bible. Some will deny their need for such a concept, others will be drawn by the Holy Spirit due to the stark reality that is proclaimed from the pulpit. The church is not a place to get away from reality. The gospel is reality!


Blogger Peter Bogert said...

I'll see that Amen and raise you another. Thanks for sharing that, Milton!

7:28 AM, August 12, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

You're quite welcome, Peter.

12:43 PM, August 13, 2005  

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