Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Confessing ourselves

Mike Russell reminds us that sin is not merely behavior or thoughts --- it becomes a part of who we are. Therefore the truest confession is not merely of our actions, but of ourselves:
Our confession must not be relegated to the words and actions of omission or commission; it is not our behavior that is the heart of the problem. Our confession needs to be of ourselves, of who we are, of our problematic hearts. Christ died for our sins, it is true, but He came to save sinners. We must not for a minute think that we need the grace of God less because we have been declared righteous.

We need to be saved from - not merely our sins - but from our sinful selves. It is who you are, not merely what you do, that needs to be confessed.
That's where transformation really begins --- when we confess the corruption of our very souls and allow the grace of God to begin changing us from the inside out.


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