Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The courage to stand alone with God

Debra at As I See It Now offers a few thoughts that all Christians (especially preachers) would do well to remember:
When you stand with God you must always be willing to stand alone, just you and Him.

You must be willing to be criticized, misunderstood, accused, laughed at and shunned. You must be willing to lose friends and maybe even your job.

But you must realize this: Somehow, somewhere, and in some way, God will make it up to you.

If there's one thing we see over and over again with preachers in the Bible, it's that they frequently stand alone, or nearly so. Remember the loneliness of Elijah or Jeremiah, and how many believers turned against Paul. That's good to remember sometimes, particularly when we meet resistance to the sometimes painful strength of the Word.


Blogger Debra said...

Thanks, Milton. I really appreciate your posting this... God bless... Debra

6:08 AM, September 08, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

You're quite welcome, Debra. All the best to you, and thank you for the fine post.

6:49 AM, September 08, 2005  

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