Friday, September 02, 2005

A prayer for New Orleans

Although I've reached my two-post standard for today, this one-paragraph post by Conrad Gempf is so timely and powerful that I want to share it in its entirety here. After this, I'm on the road and blogging duties here will be in Bob's very competent hands. Now, here's Conrad's call to prayer for New Orleans:
We'll hear about the one guy who fired on one helicopter; we'll hear about the government officials who were concerned about the corporations. We'll hear about the looters and the robbers. That's what the media are like. That's what sells papers. But I'm sure that there are thousands of stories we'll not hear on this planet: thousands of acts of unselfishness, of neighborliness, of love, of the kingdom. Very few will make the news, but remember those people in your prayers, too. Give thanks for the ones who are there doing what they know is beyond fair and right to compassionate and sacrificial. And pray that when our chance at adversity comes, we might be numbered among them.


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