Friday, October 14, 2005

Rally points behind the lines

Reflecting on C. S. Lewis's Mere Christianity, Craig Williams considers church attendance in light of the battle:
We are in enemy occupied territory. But our king has landed and we are to be carrying out subversive acts against the rebel. . . .

Going to church is a subversive act. Last Sunday I mentioned that we teach our children to be loyal members of their soccer, baseball, softball, football, basketball or whatever teams. We encourage our kids to stick with it, or be there for their teammates. You know, I don’t find that same encouragement when it comes to showing up on Sundays – among adults or kids. Our culture has the upper hand, which means the rebellion is winning. I never thought of going to church as being subversive until I realized that most people don’t.

It is the job of Christian people to act in ways that show. . . we belong to a different kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven. . . . Go to church. Go every week. Don’t miss. Not because you get points. Not because you're impressing God. But by doing it you stick it to the enemy. Otherwise we are merely being complicitous with the enemy's plans.
Well troops---ready to go?


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