Sunday, December 25, 2005

Still threatening our thrones

Buzz Trexler, with a little help from Len Sweet and Jim Green, considers the different ways Jesus' coming has been viewed through the centuries. As he did for Herod, Jesus threatens every little throne we set up in competition to the King of kings and Lord of lords:

* The Baby Jesus is easy to get excited about, because there are few, if any, demands.
* The God-Man Jesus brings with Him all of the baggage that sacrifice demands.
* The greatest throne we set up is the throne of Self, and so we serve the God-Man at our leisure -- we worship at our leisure, we pray at our leisure, we serve others at our leisure and we give at our leisure.

Leisure, of course, is different from rest and refreshment. May this Christmas be a time of rest and refreshment for you.


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