Thursday, January 26, 2006

The need for broken leaders

I haven't been able to access Phil McAmond's blog lately, but last time I was able to visit, Phil had written a challenging essay on 2 Cor. 3:2-3. Why challenging? For what it says about the responsibility of Christian leaders to help their congregations mature in Christ:
Something must change. We cannot just keep blaming the people for their lack of growth in Christ Jesus, or their lack of personal witness of Christ Jesus, or their lack of reflecting the genuine letter from Christ Jesus in their hearts and lives for all to read. We must, as leadership, be the most willing to learn, by the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, to read our own mail first. . . . Just as surely as we cannot give away what we do not have, we cannot write upon the hearts and lives of others, a letter of and from the Lord Jesus Christ, if this same letter hasn’t first been written upon our own hearts and lives, as leaders.

As leaders we should be the most broken before the Lord, the most self examining, the most contrite, the most aware of our own human shortcomings, the most humble and the most dependent upon the Lord Jesus of all. We as leaders should be those who stand amazed that we are even allowed to be leaders.


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