Thursday, January 19, 2006

Perfectionism or the grace of God?

Rob Wilkerson has written an enlightening post on perfectionism and Christian discipleship. If you wade through the first few paragraphs, where Rob (obsessively?) describes his former obsessive perfectionism, it's really quite a good essay. Here's a sample:
Anyone who has lived with a perfectionist can attest to the fact that part of his goal in life is to either force others to become like himself or get extremely irritated at their inconsiderate attitude toward the order that everything in this life ought to have! But this denies the gospel because it operates from a hypocritical, Pharisaical mindset that doesn't recognize it's own inherent in sinfulness while pointing it out in everyone else.
Amen. (By the way, I probably shouldn't kid a fellow recovering perfectionist, but I have a feeling Rob can take it). Thanks to John Schroeder for linking to Rob's post, and for offering more thoughts on the topic at Blogotional.


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