Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In or out?

John Frye has written a dynamite treatment of Mark 3:21-35 and "who's in and who's out":
For me, Mark 3:34 is a case study in centered-set thinking. Mark writes that Jesus looked around . . . This is a deliberate 360 degree gaze. How do we know? Because Mark adds that the crowd was "in a circle" . . . around him. This detail is important.

Who is in the center? Bingo. Those on the "outside" were natural family--"your mothers and your your brothers." Jesus takes the opportunity to redefine family as those inside who are accepting of and attentive to him and his word. Being accepting of Jesus and attentive to his word are those "who do the will of God" (verse 35). Did you hear the grenade explode? This is radical, scandalous talk!
Yes it is. I recommend reading John's whole article.


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