Thursday, March 29, 2007

No transformation required

Dave Johnson shares an experience from his past about a church elder who showed no signs of spiritual transformation:
So here’s my question: “What’s up with that?” In all his years in church and in “the Word”, Ray never became a different kind of person. He never changed. He never became more loving, gentle, peaceful, or patient. Indeed, he only seemed to become more angry and rigid as time went on. He became harder to be around. What’s more, no one seemed to be bothered by that, as though something were out of the ordinary. No one wondered if maybe Ray had somehow missed the point.
Good question. This is a topic, by the way, I recently addressed at Milton's Daily Dose. The evidence of our discipleship is that we are changing more and more into the image of Jesus Christ in actions and attitudes. When the leaders of a congregation show no signs of spiritual transformation, that church is in serious trouble.


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