Monday, April 23, 2007

"They fail, but are forgivable"

Anthony Esolen writes insightfully about human weakness, forgiveness, and the comic strip B.C.:
What we see, in our Culture of Tolerance, is a willful incapacity to bear the weaknesses and follies of others; instead, we insist that no one must ever look askance at our own sin. A faithful Christian can rejoice in calumny, because he knows that even if all the world should call him a fool, he looks for praise from the One who counts, and who will reveal the truth in the end. Take that faith away, and loss of reputatioBlogger: Transforming Sermons - Create Postn verges upon a veritable loss of being, and people will snarl in fear and vindictiveness, like small dogs locked in a closet with insufficient food and water.
I recommend reading the whole article.


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