Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Willimon on Luke 13:10-17

Lectionary preachers: It's another guy's picture on the web page, but it's William Willimon's sermon on this coming Sunday's Gospel reading.


Blogger Sista Cala said...

A much needed message for today.

Reminded me of a pet-peeve of mine. I dislike it when folks describe themselves as 'just a sinner saved by grace'. Is it me, or wouldn't it be better to say, I was born in sin, but born-again into royalty? Or is that just too 'over-the-top'?

12:19 AM, August 24, 2007  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

I don't think it's at all over-the-top, Carla. Part of living the new life in Christ is learning to see ourselves in the new light of Christ. That means learning to see ourselves as saints, born again into the royal family. Peace.

8:44 AM, August 24, 2007  

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