Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"The stupidity of vision"

There does seem to be a lot of talk in recent years about churches and individual Christians needing to find a "vision." Jeff Weddle has a different take:
The other night I heard a sermon on the radio about how we need to find our vision. It stirred up all manner of pet peevish thoughts in me. I hate it when Christians talk about needing "a vision."

He stressed that we are not to tell God what to do but God tells us what to do. Which is fine, but then he proceeded to tell four things you can do to get a vision for your life.

Here’s my main peeve with this: Scripture nowhere tells us to seek a vision. Native American religion teaches people to seek visions as well as modern pop-psychology/business gurus. But the Bible? Nope.

Any Bible character receiving a vision was generally asleep or doing something completely unrelated. None of them sought it. All the visions they were given were odd, they didn’t make any sense and few of the people were thrilled to carry it out (think Moses or Jonah).
That's a long quote, but there's plenty more of value in Jeff's whole article. His follow-up post is also worth reading.


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