Monday, July 14, 2008

"Just walk away"

I hadn't noticed till this morning that the next link in the queue is to erstwhile TS guest blogger Bob, who has recently been thinking about winning, losing, and the Kingdom of God:
I was thinking this morning how caught up everyone is in winning and losing. Me, too. Caught up in assessing my own performance, comparing myself to others, etc. Even in spiritual things. Perhaps especially in spiritual things.

Being "spiritual" can sometimes mean transferring our lifelong obsessive concern for coming out on top over to matters of the spirit. Winning the game of being "a good Christian." Or, if you're charismatic, being "anointed." Someone somewhere designed the game (I think I know who!), and we play it to win and call that "being spiritual.". . .

But of course Jesus would have us know that all this gamesmanship is based on a false conception of winning and losing. Nevertheless, it's one we imbibed with our mother's milk, a habit that's hard to kick. We apply the winner/loser template to nearly everything we do. It's our mental grid, our "worldview."
And how should Christians respond to this game? If the title of this post isn't enough of an answer, I recommend reading Bob's whole essay. For that matter, I recommend reading it all anyway.


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