Thursday, February 12, 2009

On dying to self

At In the Clearing Bob is thinking about Christians who tell him stories of their lives:
They frequently tell me their stories, the hero, the victim, the trickster. I want to say, "When you begin to die to self, your heroic self-image will die. Your whole story will shrivel up. It will be replaced by another story, greater by far than yours, a story with a different hero. You will be glad to give him the star part, the central role. When you begin to die to self, that is."

But I notice that a lot of Christian publishing thrives on promises that you too can be the hero of your story. That's why so many book covers depict people raising their hands in triumph atop rocky crags that they've just conquered. As if to say, read this book and become a hero, the prince or princess, the victorious warrior, the great man or woman that you are supposed to be.

This is idol worship, that's all.
Wow. Please read Bob's whole article.


Anonymous Jessica Monnich said...

Thanks! I was looking for resources on this subject to talk to the youth tonight and I am def. using the qoute in the first paragraph! GREAT insight! (we are dyeing sheets for our new youth room then we are going to talk about dying to self)

3:11 PM, August 05, 2009  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Very glad you found something helpful. Thanks very much for letting me know--it's encouraging to me. Peace.

6:28 PM, August 05, 2009  

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