Friday, February 12, 2010

On weighty preaching

"Weighty preaching will cause people to have to chew and digest so you may not see instant results. In order to really preach a text with weight you will have to feel that text—and that often hurts. Not to mention to really feel a text means to know it, so this means more time. There really is no “big secret” to preaching weighty, so you may not be seen as cutting edge. Creation, fall, and redemption might get a little old. People may get sick of hearing that the only remedy is the gospel. It will be tempting to offer other solutions, to not beat the same drum. You might lose a few people.

"People will flock to flashy; but what they really need is weighty. We cannot afford to entertain, merely inform, and make certain that the people enjoy our sermons. I am not calling for boring sermons where lazy or unbroken and untouched men “preach the text” but refuse to let themselves be broken under it. I hunger to be broken by the sermons that I preach, to preach them passionately, and to preach as a dying man to dying men and women."


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