Friday, April 16, 2010

Clothed in Christ

"Every Christian has ‘put on Christ’. Every Christian is clothed with Christ, clothed with his righteousness because they’ve been baptised into Christ. That’s language that isn’t about dunking you into water but about what baptism represents. Jesus’ baptism was his death and his being raised. This happened to Jesus. And it’s happened to someone who has become a Christian. It’s not just a lifestyle choice or preference to become a Christian, its death to everything that came before and resurrection to a whole new existence.

"Those who believe in the death of Jesus are immersed into his death and resurrection and clothed with Jesus. And the emphasis there isn’t on the word believe but on his death and resurrection. Not an ounce of this is earned or something I can take credit for. It’s all a gift from God based on what God has done."


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