Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Resurrection truth

David T. Koyzis has shined a little light on a common misconception in religious thought: a preference for the idea of soul immortality over the doctrine of resurrection. Here's a sample:
Plato famously believed in reincarnation, as does Hinduism and the varieties of post-modern spiritual experience grouped under the New Age label. Moreover, it seems to take little work on God’s part for a soul to drift off into the ether after the demise of the body.

Even some Christians believe that our ultimate destiny is in an incorporeal state with God in heaven. I recall a funeral in my youth in which the presiding minister conspicuously omitted any reference to resurrection, focussing solely on soul survival at the expense of the clear teachings of Scripture (e.g., I Corinthians 15).

Why the reluctance to put the resurrection in the spotlight? Because it is quite simply more difficult for people to accept.
Good points. Resurrection of the body, not soul immortality, is the New Testament teaching.


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