Thursday, August 12, 2010

Decrying dirt-bike delivery

Responding to criticism on his post against the awesomeness-driven church, Jared Wilson explains what's wrong with the "dirt bike on the stage" approach of dressing-up the gospel message in theatrics:
Do we take the thing people need and treat it like medicine that must be administered with a spoonful of sugar? 'Cause that's what the "dirtbike on the stage" approach essentially means: we take something lost people find cool or appealing or attractive and use that to lure them in for the thing we know they don't find cool or appealing or attractive, thereby communicating that "Yes, we know this is the not so cool part" and then try to convince them it's really the important thing. But we've already demonstrated even we don't believe that. Or else we wouldn't feel compelled to dress it up with a dirtbike.
As someone once said, what we attract people with, we attract them to. The church's message is and always has been the gospel of Jesus Christ--nothing more, nothing less.


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