Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Bible study links (8/27/10)

I may have blogged about these before, but the message is worth repeating, because they're hugely helpful: interlinear Hebrew Old Testament and interlinear Greek New Testament. Each page contains links to a .pdf file for each chapter of the OT and NT, respectively. Chapter files not only include interlinears, but every Greek and Hebrew word is parsed. If you know only a little or even no biblical languages, these resources can help you make sense of the original biblical languages, especially with the aid of a NT Greek lexicon or OT Hebrew lexicon.

These links, of course, have long been on the right sidebar of this page under the SCRIPTURE RESOURCES section. They're the best links I know of. If you have others, I'm interested in hearing about them.

Caveat: These interlinear links are a very good example of this site's disclaimer, also found in the right sidebar of this page. Although I heartily recommend the interlinear resources linked above, I by no means endorse all the theology of those publishing them. As with everything found online, use with caution and discernment.


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