Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Treasure trove of historical Bible commentaries

These links may be a repeat. If so, they bear repeating. Using commentaries from past centuries can help us see the Bible without the contemporary lenses that bias our outlook. Here are some of the best free, online commentaries from past centuries. You may have to scroll down or search for the author's name on some of these pages. Again, it should be worth the effort.

Andrew of Caesarea (Rev) (link to 100 mb .pdf file at this link)
Thomas Aquinas (Lam., Gospels, Gal. Philip., 1 Thess., Phm)
Thomas Aquinas (Rom, 1 Cor, 2 Cor, Eph, Col, Heb)
Aramaic targum (Sng)
Venerable Bede (Rev)
John Calvin (most, if not all books of the OT & NT)
John Chrysostom (Acts & Rom, 1 & 2 Cor, Jn & Heb; Gal, Eph, Phl, Col, Thess, Tim, Tit, Phm)
Cyril of Alexandria (Lk, Jn)
Dionysus Syrus (Rev)
Gregory the Great (Sng)
Jerome (Dan)
John of Damascus (Gal)
John of Damascus (2 Tim)
John of Damascus (Phm)
Khimi (Nah)
Martin Luther (Gal) (.pdf)
Martin Luther (Rom)
Origen (Jn)
Rashi (OT)
Theodoret (Jonah)
Theophylact (Mt)
John Wesley (every book of the OT & NT)
Victorinus (Rev) (.zip file)


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