Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On being 'Christian nice'

Bill Mounce writes on the sinfulness, at least at times, of being "nice."
Aren’t we “Church Nice”? Isn’t our tendency to smile and pretend that all is okay, at least until the person is out of earshot, and then we say what we really think. We call it being “gracious.” Hmmm. I wonder.

Isn’t it interesting how explicit Scripture is? If you have something against someone, it is your responsibility to go to them (Matt 18:15). If you know your brother or sister has something against you, it is your responsibility to go to them (Matt 5:23-24). It is always your responsibility.
One of the most profound disappointments I've run across in ministry is the unwillingess of Christians to follow Jesus' clear and simple teaching on grudges and peacemaking. I recommend Dr. Mounce's whole article.


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