Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Being shaped

At anti-itch meditation Jeff Weddle shares nine experiences that shaped his faith. I especially liked the second one:
Being bullied. I gotta tell ya, the modern anti-bullying movement really irritates me. Suck it up, people! I was made fun of my entire life. Even now, as a 40-year old man, kids stare at my crossed eyes and make comments. Being bullied made me an observer of people. It made me a thinker. It gave me the blessing of sarcastic wit. It has taught me the crumminess of human nature and the security that is in Christ. Bullying may have been the most formative element of my life. To all you bullies out there: Thank you! I couldn’t have done it without ya!
Amen, and well said. His thoughts on becoming a minister are also full of insight. So are the other seven, come to think of it.


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