Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Captive and crowned

Glen Scrivener has posted a short, delightful essay that sheds much light on the centuries-long debate on the relationship of grace and works. Here's Glen:
These debates can get tiresome. But the worst development of all is the person who stands up claiming to have discovered the optimal payment structure – not too strict, not too liberal. These sanctification Goldilockses are just right – balancing license and legalism with their perfectly measured pastoral pronouncements.
But the answer is NOT to balance licence and legalism. The solution to this problem does not lie in between these errors. We need to come out of this transactional kingdom and enter the realm of gracious union. If we miss union with Christ, we miss everything, and we will be doomed to ping-pong back and forth between “grace” and “holiness” – as though those things were extremes to be avoided!
Amen. I enthusiastically recommend Glen's whole article.


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