Saturday, March 26, 2005

Grace for the broken

I recently came upon the ninth entry of Jim Street's series on addiction. It's powerful stuff:
God gives the kingdom to the broken.

What we are talking about is undertaking the journey in radical trust and patience. See, there is no "fix." That's the thing we have to get clear about: there is no "fix."

Nothing in the realm of the temporal or the material can achieve the spiritual ends we seek. I think that's why Jesus took pains to say, "Look, don't invest your lives in stuff that rusts or that moths can destroy or that theives can break in and steal. Instead lay up treasure for yourself in heaven."
There's a whole lot more. It’s worth a look.


Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this post this is just what I needed, as you know I am a recovering/recovered addict working on 9 years drug and alcohol free. You can read a short abbreviated version of my testimony on our Serenity Through Hope Ministries-Web Site on a page called A little of Pastor Rick’s Testimony Our Original plan (made from prayer and deep conviction) and statement that is still on the Serenity Through Hope Ministries-Web Site is as follows.

Serenity Through Hope Ministries is a Ministry that the Lord has lead me to begin, my heart tells me that we are here to minister to "At Risk and Abused youth" as well as "Alcoholics and Addicts." The Lord Jesus Christ has laid this on my heart to witness and share the word of God to the youth as well as adults that are in prison. This is the perfect opportunity to make a decision to accept Jesus Christ in their lives and turn there lives around. Hence the name Serenity Through Hope Ministries, There is hope for everyone regardless of their past, through Christ, that they may receive Salvation by the grace of God. The same conviction is in my heart for the suffering "Alcoholics and Addicts." I have been involved in some capacity at the local Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center for sometime now, in treatment the "Alcoholics and Addicts" are thought to turn their life over to a "higher power," I have heard counselors say "Use a tree if you have to, because it is stronger than you!" This is a serious turning point in their lives and this is where Serenity Though Hope Ministries would like to be there to witness and share the word of God so THE HIGHEST POWER! Takes charge of their life.

I take it very seriously when Alcoholics/Addicts are persuaded to go to either extreme, meaning that they can stay clean and sober with the divine Grace of God. Which I would not be a preacher if I did not have such strong Conviction about the wonderful changes in ones life of becoming a devout Christian means, but that does not mean that a recovering Alcoholics/Addicts don’t need the support of other Alcoholics/Addicts in 12-step meetings. There where many who have tried this and it has worked for some but many have failed, there is a reason that the 12-step program was developed, because all else failed.
I know also that Alcoholics/Addicts con not make it with God in there lives either I have been around the 12-step meetings for 18 years now and I know that the people who make it have a good balance of God and the 12-step program in their lives.
Now most cities are starting to have 12-step meetings that are for Christians. The meetings are scripture based and basically turn into bible studies but they have the key element for Alcoholics/Addicts to stay clean, the ability to fellowship and talk to people who have walked the path they have walked.
I am sorry Milton for such a long comment but I read this late last night and it has been on my heart, I am thoroughly impressed with Jim Street’s web site. As a Pastor who is also a Substance Abuse Counselor as well as walked that rugged road of an addicted man who has already answered the call to preach, preached and had been a backslidden disgrace to myself and to Christ who made it back to help others and preach his word again. This would not be possible but by the Grace of God and strong Support Foundation.
Praise the Lord
Just Rick

6:36 PM, March 27, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Thanks for the comments, Rick. I'm pretty impressed by Jim Street's work, too.

Twelve step programs can indeed be a blessing, but I know they can take the place of a biblical faith. It's good to see explicitly Christian 12-step programs for Christians. It's also a blessing that God uses you for proclaiming the gospel and for substance abuse counseling. Your background makes you able to reach people that others would not be able to do. May God continue to bless you and all those whose lives are touched by Serenity Through Hope Ministries. Peace.

7:09 AM, March 28, 2005  
Blogger Unknown said...

I neglected to say in my prior comment that Serenity Through Hope Ministries will be starting the “Victory through Hope” meetings; these are twelve step recovery meetings that are scripture based. Deacon Willie Carter Assistant Director of the Ministry and I are Recovered Addicts and Substance Abuse Counselors. We have Bibles that have references from the 12-steps to scriptures. We are very excited about this venture. I facilitate “Alcoholics/Addicts Victorious” in Missouri Prisons now. Deacon Willie Carter started a group for inmates that have just gotten out of prison called “Victory Circle” here in Springfield and I am the spiritual advisor for that group as well. We are working very hard towards getting the Word of God into the AA/NA meeting as quickly as possible and helping guide newly released felons on the path to Salvation and a life of Righteousness.
In Him’
Just Rick

5:49 PM, March 28, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Thanks for the info, Rick. Peace.

6:45 PM, March 28, 2005  

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