Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Wild abandonment to the kingdom

Backyard Missionary has some thought-provoking ideas on our duty to live in "wild abandonment to the values of the kingdom and to reproduce that in others. " Christians in Australia, it seems, have the same challenges we do in America: to encourage members of the middle class to accept the challenges of real discipleship.

When you think about it what we are really asking people to do is to lay down all of their hopes and dreams, all of their ambitions (not just to sing about doing it) and to live a life of humility, sacrifice and 'downward mobility' to quote Bill Hybels. I know it doesn't mean all pain, suffering etc, but the call to discipleship is a brutal one - a disturbing one.

One of our biggest jobs as preachers is to help our brothers and sisters (and ourselves) to trust God in answering this call. What it really comes down to: do we really believe Jesus?


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