Friday, February 04, 2005

Preaching John 4

The narrative of Jesus and the Samaritan woman in John 4 is rich in symbol and import. Walter J. Burghardt and Katharyn Waldron have written an enlightening guide to this passage at They begin by reviewing the significance of water---and particularly wells---in the Old Testament, and tie these images into "living water" in John 4 and 7. "Receiving this living water is not a passive experience," they note:
We do not get this living water by osmosis. Just as we must drink literal water to survive, we need also risk changing our lives by taking the initiative to be open to the Holy Spirit. The initiative to drink the living water is a grace in itself. But just as we can refuse literal water, we also have the choice not to accept the Holy Spirit.
Burghardt and Waldron offer preachers "four suggestions as starting points for preaching sermons that go beyond the obvious." It's good stuff.

Update: Here's another brief study of John 4 at To the Word.


Blogger John said...

I ha a good read of this Milton, and you are right... it is good stuff!!!!
God Bless you and yours'

8:16 PM, February 04, 2005  
Blogger Pastor Buzz said...

Lord willing and the bill doesn't get too big, I'm using a desert theme for Lent. I'm going so far as to clear out a good part of the altar area and create a virtual desert, replete with sand, rocks and our Easter cross that will "bloom" on Easter Sunday. One of the sermons will be the story of the Samaritan woman at the well. I hope to create an "oasis" in the desert and invite the congregation to serve one another from the well. I may explore the theme of "redigging old wells." Our church sits in an area known for Wesleyan brush arbor revivals and what a joy it would be to see those ancient wells gush forth with Holy Spirit power! Thanks for the link to the helps on this Scripture!
Grace and peace ...

8:17 PM, February 04, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Thanks, John! Always glad to have you come by and visit, and to read your posts at Scotwise.

6:06 PM, February 05, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

A desert in the Meadow --- that I'd like to see! Seriously, Buzz, that sounds like a good, creative approach, and I'll be praying it goes well. Glad to see the link was helpful also. Peace.

6:08 PM, February 05, 2005  
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