Monday, March 21, 2005

New forum for preachers

Rick Hill of Serenity Through Hope has started a new online forum for preachers. This is a brand-new undertaking. Rick has made me a co-moderator of the forum and invites all preachers, or those inerested in preaching, to log in and join the discussion. Most of us probably already have full plates with blogging, ministry, and life, but this is a solid opportunity to have back-and-forth discussions on issues relevant to preaching and ministry.


Blogger Unknown said...

Thank You for the Plug Milton. It is a Blessing to have youas a part of the forum. I hope to see the forum be utilized by many pastors/preachers. I think it could be a great tool for us.
In Him,

2:06 AM, March 23, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Glad to do it, Rick. Hope the forum is a blessing to preachers and those who hear them. Peace.

6:09 AM, March 23, 2005  

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