Monday, April 04, 2005

Discipleship and deep cleaning

Nathan Colquhoun compares cleaning his room as a teenager to sanctification in the Christian life:
Now I cleaned my room in two different ways. Typically I would throw everything at the bottom of my closet, make my bed and throw all miscellaneous junk into my ‘junk drawer.’ That was it. My mom would come downstairs, give a quick five second inspection, usually be convinced and I would be on my way with my life. How often do we ‘clean up’ like this in our Christian lives. God tells us to love our neighbors, so when we run into the people we don’t like we’ll smile and tell them their sweater looks nice or maybe we’ll even go as far as carrying on a conversation.
Christian discipleship doesn't involve doing the minimum necessary to impress others, Nathan points out, or even trying to do the minimum to satisfy God:
I want to be the type of servant that serves God beyond the call of duty. I don’t want to be the type that draws a line and tries to inch closer and closer to that line. I want to be the type that doesn’t even know a line exists because my focus and desire isn’t on the line at all; it’s so far in the other direction that I can’t even comprehend a line. I want to be the kind of Christian who serves God and people that when I’m asked to go one mile I go two, or maybe three. God help us all desire to go three miles instead of trying to figure out if there is anyway to go half a mile.


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