Monday, April 11, 2005

Standing for the existence of truth

Michael Duduit points out something that's come to light with the death of John Paul II:
It hasn't been many years since the majority of American evangelicals would have seen Roman Catholicism as a distant religion filled with superstition and ceremony, while the average Roman Catholic would have seen conservative Protestants as fringe players on the American religious scene. Yet in recent years, cultural forces have turned evangelicals and Catholics into virtual partners in the defense of the sanctity of life and the struggle against a rising tide of secularism.

That is not to say that evangelicals and Catholics have broken down all the barriers -- there are significant and substantive issues that still separate us, from the issue of grace vs. works to the place of Marian devotion in much Catholic theology. Yet in a culture that often seems to have abdicated truth and abandoned traditional values, evangelicals and Catholics have stood together in opposing those forces of secularism that would deny the very existence of truth.
Good point.


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