Monday, May 09, 2005

Calling bloggers for Darfur

Allthings2all is bringing together a collection of blog posts to direct attention to what's happening in Darfur:

I would like to take the opportunity to bring together a collection of posts on the Darfur, Sudan genocide issue, and the situation facing the 2 million refugees who have fled to neighbouring Chad. Estimates on the number dead from genocide range from 100,000-400,000 people. It is also estimated that a further 10,000 civilians are dying every month. The refugees are not all safe, and as well as facing lack of food, some are still targeted by militia intent on ethnic cleansing. . . .
The mainstream media have shown little interest in the Darfur situation even though it is the worst humanitarian crisis currently taking place in the world. One object of collecting posts together is to help bring information to people who will not hear of this through the media. Another object is to possibly get the media to realise that people do in fact want to hear about this. And your posts may also be able to present practical ways in which to help. Just writing something is one way of helping.

This is something we as Christian bloggers can do in the effort to bring relief for the people in Darfur. If you've already posted on Darfur, please let Catez know. If you haven't, then please familiarize yourself with what's happening there and join the effort to help "the least of these."

Update: Blogotional is also supporting the roundup at Allthings2all and has gathered a list of Darfur resources. Mr. Standfast adds his support and lists more bloggers writing about Darfur.


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