Thursday, May 26, 2005

Choosing Jesus over religion

Phil McAlmond warns against choosing religion over Jesus. How will we know the difference? At The Spirit Formed Life, Phil explores the question in depth, and finds this dynamic at the heart of the matter: "We will cross the line of personal relationship in and with the Lord Jesus Christ, when what we have built in His name becomes an end in itself." Phil, of course, shows us the alternative:

Let us get back to the simple and yet Oh so very powerful truth, message and relationship of Jesus, the Christ of the Most High God. Let us cast off everything that is religious and return to the simplicity and unity of our faith, Jesus, Jesus, no one and nothing but Jesus, the Christ of the Most High God.

There's nothing implicitly wrong with religous structures -- until the means, as they so easily and subtly can, become the end. Phil's post reminds us again of the simplicity of the gospel message: Jesus Christ and him crucified.


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