Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Preaching resource: Religion Online

Religion-online.org is a treasure trove of high-quality, full-text articles organized by topic or author. Using your browser search function, you can also find individual texts in the Bible commentary section. Most articles come from Christian Century, but many full-text books (including As One Without Authority) are also available.

The quality of scholarship is high. Authors include lots of heavyweights, including some of my favorites: Karl Barth, Robert McAfee Brown, Walter Brueggemann, Fred B. Craddock, Stanley Hauerwas, Joachim Jeremias, Kenneth Scott Latourette (two complete books), George Lindbeck, Thomas G. Long, William C. Placher, Will Willimon (30 articles), Philip Yancey, and John Howard Yoder.

This is one of those sites that's leading me more and more away from hardcopy to online resources in sermons preparation. I recommend it highly.


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