Sunday, June 19, 2005

What about when the foundation is broken?

Dan Edelen has finally cut to the heart of the matter in the latest installment of his Cerulean Sanctum series on Christians and business:

Plenty of fingers point in thousands of directions by well-meaning Christians attempting to out the causes of the cultural death-throes we see around us. Yet the fact that our business practices may be a major component of the downward spiral is never questioned by Christians. Christian authors write Christian books about how to be Christian business leaders without ever questioning if the fundamental structure of business itself is hopelessly broken. Well-known pastors hold up Christian business leaders as examples, particularly to men, but never ask if the very system those leaders uphold is deviant at its core.

Dan's series offers a valuable perspective on the relationship of business and the Kingdom of God. The best thing I can say about the latest post is this: Read it. Please.


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