Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The rise of Jesus, CEO

Dan at Cerulean Sanctum continues his series on Jesus and the business world. His most recent installment looks at the post-World War I United States and how social Darwinism, eugenics, and the idea of "Jesus, CEO" helped shape a view in which the church assimilated the views and values of business.

Even today, the fallout of this mentality reigns in Corporate America. People work eight or more hours a day in an environment controlled by a worldview that is, quite simply, anti-Christian, yet few understand the pernicious nature of the worldview governing most of our work. . . . In Christian circles, particularly in men's groups, the business mantra is to be a "leader." However, more often than not, "leader" does not mean "servant," but rather "the one who made it to the top of the food chain." Jesus is looking for disciples and it is the nature of disciples to be followers. But the average Christian bookstore would quickly fold if it sold Christian business books that claimed to teach people (men especially) how to be good followers.

Dan's series is important, I think, because it's shedding light on how much of the church's worldview is not truly in line with the mind of Christ.


Blogger Dan Edelen said...


Thanks for taking up so much of your blog lately with the kind things you have said about my series on Christians and the business world. I truly appreciate it!

1:31 AM, June 16, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

You're quite welcome, Dan. And thanks for your work.

10:23 AM, June 16, 2005  

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