Thursday, June 30, 2005

The United States and a "Christian nation"

As U. S. Independence Day approaches, Jollyblogger David Wayne writes about what it really means to be a Christian nation. His conclusion? The U.S.A. doesn't qualify:
I have gone on record time and again here as disputing the notion that our founding fathers were all Christians . . . I think our founding fathers were far more of a mixed bag than some of our modern gatekeepers of the Christian right think. And by the way, I don't believe that statements of certain founding fathers who said we are a Christian nation prove that we were a Christian nation. The Word of God defines what constitutes a "Christian nation," not men, no matter how sincere or devoted they were. I don't think the American nation meets the biblical criteria outlined above for a holy or Christian nation.
And what about today? Christians need to remember our true citizenship in the Kingdom of God:
Where this leaves us now is that, rather than trying to reclaim America for Christ, we need to first reclaim the chuch for Christ. The church needs to learn to think biblically about itself and its citizens need to learn to think biblically about their responsibilities as citizens.


Blogger Matthew Self said...

Amen, Milton. All I can say is Christians need to do a better job reconciling their politics with their faith. If we were a Christian nation -- a majority living and walking out a faith in Christ -- we wouldn't even be looking to the inferior agent of change in politics. The Church would already be meeting these needs! I'm not a liberal, but I certainly don't confuse my libertarian principles with the Gospel.

Glad to see more people speaking out. I was certain I was alone in my principles for a long, long time. =)

1:09 AM, July 01, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Glad you know the difference between good political ideas and the gospel, Matt. And good to see you've found you're not alone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

6:14 AM, July 01, 2005  

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