Friday, August 26, 2005

The power of confession

Matt Self's recent post on confession in a friend's church has been getting quite a bit of attention among Christian blogs. It's such an excellent example of the power of confession that I want to link to it also, along with some comments on Acts 19:18-20.

Notice what happened in Acts? When the Ephesian Christians confessed their sins and took action in repentance, then "the word of the Lord continued to prevail and increase mightily." I pray the same thing will happen in our congregations today.


Blogger Gaddabout said...

Just to clarify, this happened in a friend's church, but I pray it happens all over the country and the world! We are now hearing stories of family members in this church becoming compelled to confess. Judging by the overwhelming power of this movement, I expect to begin hearing stories of salvation of family members.

Confessionals are a tricky thing, I think, because as much as they can invite God's ministry, they can also invite the flesh. You'd be amazed how people will start confessing to things in which they did not sin, because they want to be apart of the ... spiritual nature. Meanwhile, they allow their real sin to go unchecked.

What I know about this particular incident is it was very real and very powerful. God ordained it, and gave this pastor discernment in what He was doing. I love it!

1:31 PM, August 26, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Thanks for the clarification, Matt. I'll update the post accordingly. Peace.

11:02 AM, August 27, 2005  

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