Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wondering about the foundation

Paul Littleton has begun entertaining the notion of whether or not the time of the United States' ascendancy has passed:
We've built on a foundation that is a mile wide, but only about 3/8" deep. It is reflected in every area of life - including church life. I mean, come on. Is my life going to become all that I want it to be if I buy the new H3? Look at some of the most popular TV shows. I love watching Seinfeld. But it, and nearly every other sitcom these days is based on a narcissistic hopelessness. They even spoof their own show in the episodes about Jerry getting his own TV show, and the genius of the show is that it is a show about nothing. After all, life is about nothing. And now we have churches that are drive-ins where you can come in your pajamas and curlers, or that are now being simulcast and the preacher is somewhere else altogether. We sacrifice human contact for the sake of convenience.

And as if it weren't already bad enough, what with 11:00 on Sunday morning already being the most segregated hour in America, we now have churches targeted at specific demographics within a community. We certainly wouldn't want to worship with "those" kind of people, now, would we?

I'm just wondering how long we can keep this up? Those things aren't our walls and windows. They are our very foundation. And people are becoming increasingly disillusioned by them. What happens when they crumble for good?
I'm wondering, too.


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