Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Putting truth back in Christmas criticisms

Many objections to how Christmas is celebrated in North America are as tired and cliche as the excesses they oppose. Some bloggers, however, are offering incisive critiques. Blogcorner Preacher, for example, cuts through both the commercial frenzy and sappy "spirit of the season" sentimentality to show what's really at the bottom of seasonal abuses:
I've railed for years against the ugly commecialization of Christmas, which should be a Mass for Christ. Period. The decorations, the forced gaity, the giving and receiving of gifts, the scrum in the box stores after Thanksgiving for the "must have" presents, all stinks to high heaven of paganism. Of worship of self and of things made by the hand of man.
Too true. Along similar lines, Ben at Open Switch slams the hypocrisy in many who speak against the commercialization of Christmas yet join in the buying frenzy:
I’ve really gotta hand it to vegetarians. They don’t believe it’s right to eat other animals and honestly, that’s a perfectly viable option. What’s important to note, however, is that they’re not saying, “Don’t eat meat” as they chow down on their steak. They live out what they believe.

Similarly, before we criticize companies for their commercialization of Christmas, we must check our own behavior and make sure it lines up with what we say we believe.
True (Hat tip: Swap Blog).


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