Friday, March 24, 2006

Against "battling testaments"

Dan Edelen speaks out against an over-emphasis on either the Old or New Testament within the church:
Are we afraid of the Whole Bible? Are not the Scriptures the unified words of God to Man? If so, then why do we pit the OT and NT against each other? Where is our scholarship that makes it possible for us to be blessed by God with health, wealth, and might, while also understanding that in this world we will have trouble, sickness, and poverty, even in the Church?

I'd love to see an American Church that is routinely operating out of both the New Testament and the Old, not afraid to link both. Instead we get the NT aficionados battling the OT aficionados. Every so often we do get that third way, the Whole Bible Church, but in my travels it seems to be a rarity. Still, it's a rarity we need to ensure is less rare every day.


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