Thursday, March 23, 2006

Like Jesus or the disciples?

Tony Miles considers the "Jesus Spirit" and "Disciples Spirit." What's the difference?
* The Jesus spirit:
o Interested in movement, bridges, and authentic connections.
o Joyful faith dominates.
o Four drives:
+ "How can we invite others into this kingdom thing?"
+ "God - how I can join You more?"
+ "What are we missing and what else can we think of?"
+ "How can I help promote the Gospel?"

* The disciples' spirit:
o Interested in maintenance, boundaries, and clean living.
o Uncomfortable fear dominates.
o Four drives:
+ "How can I protect my own thing and keep it going?"
+ "God - why are you threatening my ministry?"
+ "What can I do to prove my worth?"
+ "How can I help promote the name of my church/denomination?"
Tony is inviting comments. If you'd like to join the discussion, go visit Tony's blog.


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