Friday, September 22, 2006

Voting like rich men in the name of Jesus

Mark McEntire looks at demographics from the 2004 U.S. Presidential election and concludes that "the church votes just like rich people and the opposite of poor people":
It is now apparent to me that the Christian church in America has been hijacked and is being used to preach a false gospel that promotes unjust wars, winks at poverty and pays no attention at all to racial inequality.

Instead of values like peace and justice, which I understand to be at the core of the genuine gospel, this false gospel places at its center a collection of political positions on issues like gay marriage and stem-cell research.

Notice that this political ideology has used these new issues to move its former marquee issue, abortion, away from the center.
While I question a couple of Dr. McEntire's conclusions, he is correct about a critical point: congregations in the U.S. that hold most faithfully to the authority of Scripture show the least concern for peace and justice. He's also right that abortion, a critical issue of social justice, has quietly been nudged from the stage HT: Monastic Mumblings.


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