Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Loving the bride

Dave Bish writes on why he loves the church. Here's a sample:
The strange thing about church is that it can so often operate like any other social network. It can become a place where people who are like one another come to be with one another, united by their common class, status, age, income, language etc. The reality couldn't be further from that. Church is a supernatural community formed by the gospel. A community that requires the gospel to form it. When it looks like less than that will do then we're just papering over the cracks or have already excluded those who ought to be among us.

A church should be able to celebrate its differences and diversity of personality and preferences, and yet say - though we are unlike one another, we are descended from Adam and we are now part of the new humanity of Jesus. Though once objects of wrath today we are united to Christ. Once we were an "impious harlot", now being beautified together by Christ our great husband, rich in glory and grace. In view of Christ's love for the church, I want to be found in her number and to share his love for his bride.


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