Monday, February 15, 2010

Godly manhood

S.M. Hutchens shares some hard-hitting thoughts on true Christian manhood. Here's a sample:
Don’t let the feminists tell you that Nice Men was all they really wanted all along. No, feminism wishes to destroy men as men by making them equal to women, to efface every difference between the sexes that it can instead of exult in them. It is the opposite of the love that a woman gives a man that encourages his manhood. It approves the domesticated male because his domestication symbolizes his degradation. It is full of self-consuming and isolating contradiction and self-loathing, defining successful womanhood in terms of its equality to the maleness it seeks at once to possess and destroy; it is demonic, inhumane, wholly un-Christian.
True. And there's more at the link.


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