Thursday, July 22, 2010

'Credit for their salvation'

Royce Ogle has written a wonderful essay on salvation by grace. He notes, however, the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected is not good news to everyone:

That God is not counting sins against those with their faith in Jesus is not good news for the self-righteous. They are not unlike their first century counterparts were the most religious folks of their time, the sect of the Pharisees. Oh yes, we have plenty of them today.

They love the praise of men. “Listen to me”, “see what I have done”, “notice what I avoid”, “honor me because I am such a good person”. These church members never miss a service, they do all the right things so far as can be humanly observed, but inside they are corrupt to the core.

They want part of the credit for their salvation. The message of the grace of God offends them deeply, it makes them angry. It is not unlike the anger the church folks had against Jesus. “Eating with sinners!”, “Doing things we don’t approve on the Sabbath, the nerve…!” He deserves to die!

But praise God for the good news. And Royce's whole post is a pretty good explanation of that news.


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