Friday, March 25, 2005

God is in control

Here's one more post worth reading today at Eternal Perspectives. Mike illuminates the events of today in light of the events we remember today:
One of the worst feelings for most of us is that of feeling helpless and out of control. Now, as we read about inept, corrupt, and politically motivated judges sentencing an innocent person to a horrible death, the feeling covers us like a cloak of dread. It is out of control. We lose. They win. It’s over.

Or is it?

Maybe it only seems that way to us because we do not know the rest of the story. Perhaps, if we read more closely and think about it, we’ll realize that the pending death of an innocent person isn’t really what it seems to be. Let’s read the story again.

The story, of course, is the story of Jesus' death on the cross, the event we commemorate this Good Friday. And what is the rest of the story? Here's Mike again:
God is in control. Because He is in control, we are never as helpless as we might appear or feel when innocent people are sentenced to death. His will prevails. His purposes are accomplished. He is sovereign and omnipotent. He is good. And because He is in control and good, we have no need to despair.
Mike's right that we need not despair. God is indeed in control, and his will shall prevail. Let's all pray that we cooperate with, rather than resist, that will.


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