Monday, January 31, 2005

Transforming Sermons wins a Warnie

TS is honored (and surprised) to be the latest recipient of the Warnie award for Christian bloggers. It's particularly exciting, in light of the relatively short time I've been posting this blog, to find myself in the company of fellow Warnie-winners John Mark Reynolds, 21st Century Reformation, and Challies (hope I didn't miss anyone).

Adrian Warnock does so much to publicize and bring together Christian bloggers. He is one of the most generous blogrollers and is doing a good (and no doubt time-consuming) work in bringing Christian bloggers together in the Blogdom of God. No wonder he's among the top 100 blogs at The Truth Laid Bear. I appreciate his bringing attention to this blog.

I also appreciate you for reading this blog. That's not just because of my ego, but because I'm really trying to help preachers, or any Christian, to seriously answer the call to discipleship, to be transformed daily by the Word of God into the image of Christ Jesus.

Sorry, Adrian, that this acceptance post isn't as funny as the one from John Mark Reynolds, who showed why he deserved the first Warnie.

I will, however, "Amen" the words of Brad Hightower's acceptance post for 21st Century Reformation: May we all remember, “pray first, blog second”. Amen.

Disclaimer: In accepting an award from an "Evangelical" blog, I want to say that TS is indeed evangelical (little "e") in the sense of fostering evangelism, the spread of the good news of Jesus Christ. My effort here, however, is to transcend sectarian labels---Mainstream or Evangelical, Reformed or Arminian, liberal or conservative, etc. TS is committed to the authority of the Word of God in its raw, undoctored power.


Blogger John said...

Congratulations Milton, you deserve it, it's a wonderful blog! Keep up the good work for the Lord!
God Bless you and yours,

9:46 PM, February 01, 2005  
Blogger Milton Stanley said...

Thank you, John, and thanks for being a faithful reader of TS. Hope the site is a blessing to you in the church planting business. I continue to enjoy Scotwise, BTW. Peace.

6:04 AM, February 02, 2005  

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